Stylish Junkie


Detailed interviews, record reviews and live show recaps on Astoria, Queens NY based pop-rockers GIFTSHOP has been chronicled here on this site numerous times over the last few years. Now they are back with a brand new song and video for their latest track “Stylish Junkie.” With each member recording their part remotely (as these current trying times advise), modern technology (a positive product of our current age) delivers a slick and professional sounding track. Taking equal care to shoot the songs accompanying video, an homage to pink and pastel 80's era MTV video lore is playfully represented. The vocals are impeccably delivered, recorded and mixed, with double-harmony enhancements at just the right moments – like on the final introductory “stylish” before the first verse. As for that verse, Damian's lyrics juxtapose fashion sense and drug-fueled decadence, with lines like “where do you find the clothes you wear?” and “Tiny Monkey, has you passing out on the 5 – how do you even stay alive?” Again, the vocals are doubled and harmonized on key hook “Stay Alive!” which also benefits from crunchy guitar chord placement.
DaveCromwell Writes: Late 2020 Reviews

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