Our Super 2020 Single will be added to the new 2023 EP

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The Otto's Benefit for Ukraine

April 30th - 2:00 - 9:00 PM

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GIFTSHOP's Songs of Summer 2021: MORE THAN THAT and KEWL WITH ME

GIFTSHOP'S Songs of Summer 2021

"Giftshop has mastered the art of the precision pop song."

Dave Cromwell reviews MORE THAN THAT and KEWL WITH ME in his latest blogpost. 


Review of GIFTSHOP's 2021 Summer Singles



"Staying in the Big Apple, NYC punks with pop sensibilities released their latest masterpiece Stylish Junkie recently. A hypnotic driving rhythm has you mesmerised as you get drawn into Meghan’s tale and questioning of the seemingly high performing stylish junkie of the song's title."

 - The Ginger Quiff - Autumn Singles Round up 2020


NEW RELEASE:  Stylish Junkie

"The vocals are impeccably delivered, recorded and mixed, with double-harmony enhancements at just the right moments..."  

-Dave Cromwell Writes 

New York City's Lower East Side of Manhattan and the borough of Queens share a unique historical place in the annals of punk rock's evolution ever since The Ramones burst on the scene in the mid 1970's. That same gritty, blue collar toughness can be found in today's like-minded and similarly situated rockers GIFTSHOP. Their latest EP “Big In Astoria” (set for a February 16th digital release) delivers five searing tracks of updated power-punk with pop styling that would make Joey, Johnny, DeeDee and Tommy proud” - Dave Cromwell

Dave Cromwell Writes

GIFTSHOP - The missing link between Blondie and The Distillers.” - delarue

New York Music Daily

If you miss the glory days of CBGB punk rock mixed with some pop punk elements, then GIFTSHOP will definitely fill that void with “Biginastoria”.  Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 stars, only because we wish it were longer! ”

Madness To Creation

If I play it loud enough and close my eyes, I can imagine I was at the gig. Maybe one day New York…” - Neil Hodge

The Ginger Quiff