I Want My HYB: The Hell Yeah Babies online event

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Twitch TV

The Hell Yeah Babies will be playing the role of VJ for this special online event celebrating the release their new single "Great Shot Kid." There will be videos, performances, and special guests. Brought to you by Those Brunch Shows.

Participating artists include: American Stereo, A Very Special Episode, Bad Sandy, Canine 10, Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band, Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show, The Fantastic Plastics, Fluorescent Half Dome, The Foes Of Fern, GIFTSHOP, It’s Me: Ross, Jay Ackley, Jo Kroger, Little Hag (f.m.a. Avery Mandeville and the Man Devils), The Manimals, The Monolithic, Nick Miller, Nihiloceros, PowerSnap, The Rizzos, Sailor Boyfriend,This Kills Me, Tiger Castle, Tommy London, Villins --and hell maybe a couple more, even