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Blue Vinyl single from Tarbeach Records

BLUE MONSTER-Despicable/Doncha Know - Blue vinyl 7 inch

BLUE MONSTER-Despicable/Doncha Know

Blue vinyl 7 inch

“Despicable” with its driving guitars and plaintive vocals is a straightforward fuck you to an asshole who thinks he does “the things that make him likeable”, but is really just ”despicable”. A fantastic 3 and a half minute romp. “Dontcha Know” shows a softer side to the band – more ballad like and with a real 50’s feel to it. Definitely not aimed at the subject of “Despicable”. Brilliant. - 

GIFTSHOP – “Despicable”/”Dontcha Know” – AA blue vinyl 7” (Tar020)


Doncha Know by GIFTSHOP

As you listen to the song, the melody and the style of the vocal performance have a fairly nostalgic feel to them. However, everything else about the song is far from vintage. There’s a colourful freshness to the experience that makes it really stand out. You’re almost certain to recognise this again after hearing it just once, and this would be from a distance, even just quietly in the background. It’s a brilliant song and it grows on you more and more as it moves along. - Rebecca Cullen





  • December 13, 2019
    Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY